Thursday, May 27

Invariant Manifolds in Oscillation Problems

10:00 AM-12:00 PM
Room: Wasatch A/B

Invariant Manifolds (center manifolds, hyperbolic manifolds, integral manifolds, etc) arise naturally in many applied problems such as nonlinear oscillations, communication systems and singular perturbations, in both finite and infinite dimensions. This minisymposium will focus on some recent development of the invariant manifolds theory along with some significant applications to physical problems. By having lectures in different areas of dynamical systems and applications, a primary goal of the minisymposium is to help further research interactions among researchers who are working on fundamental theory of invariant manifolds and applications of invariant manifolds to the qualitative study of differential equations and engineering problems.

Organizer: Yingfei Yi
Georgia Institute of Technology

10:00-10:25 Dynamics of Electronic Oscillators
Michal Odyniec, Hewlett Packard Co
10:30-10:55 Invariant Manifolds and Foliations for Infinite Dimensional Dynamical Systems
Kening Lu, Brigham Young University
11:00-11:25 Exchange Lemmas for Singularly Perturbed Problems Certain Turning Points
Weishi Liu, University of Missouri, Columbia
Cancelled 11:30-11:55 Singularities of Constrained Differential Systems
Jorge Sotomayor, Universidade de Sao Paulo, Brazil

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