SIAM Conference on Geometric Design and Computing, November 5-8, 2001, Holiday Inn Capital Plaza Hotel, Sacramento, California

SIAM Short Course on Unstructured Mesh Generation

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Lecturer and Organizer:

David L. Marcum
Professor, Mechanical Engineering
Computational Simulation and Design Center
Engineering Research Center
Mississippi State University


Prof. Marcum is currently Herrin Eminent Scholar and Professor of Mechanical Engineering at Mississippi State University. He is also Deputy Director of the Computational Simulation and Design Center. For the past 18 years Prof. Marcum has been actively involved in research on solution algorithms and mesh generation techniques for large-scale CFD applications.


Introduction to unstructured mesh generation based on Delaunay, Advancing-Front, Iterative Point Placement, and Local-Reconnection techniques with an emphasis on engineering applications. Overview of selected state-of-the-art procedures and computational field simulation applications.


Provide a basic understanding of current unstructured mesh generation techniques from an engineering and application viewpoint.

Level of Material:

Who Should Attend:

Research and design engineers or scientists, students, and researchers from academia, industry and government that are directly involved in mesh generation or a mesh application area, such as computational fluid dynamics, mechanical design, or visualization.

Recommended Background:

Working knowledge of numerical methods (equivalent to an upper level undergraduate course or introductory graduate level course), modest proficiency in some form of computer programming, such as FORTRAN, C, or C++, and experience in a mesh application area, such as computational fluid dynamics, mechanical design, or visualization.



1. Basic Concepts

2. Application Areas

3. Edge Grids

4. Planar Unstructured Triangular Mesh Generation Methods

5. Point Placement Strategies

6. Local-Reconnection / Edge Swapping

7. Mixed Element Meshes

8. Unstructured Surface Mesh Generation Methods

9. Unstructured Tetrahedral Mesh Generation Methods

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