SIAM Conference on Geometric Design and Computing, November 5-8, 2001, Holiday Inn Capital Plaza Hotel, Sacramento, California

Program Updates

This file includes a running list of any changes or cancellations made to this electronic program. Updates will be added as they become available so please visit this page often.

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Date Posted Date and Time Session Change/Comments
10/23/01 Tue, Nov. 6, 2:00 PM CP12 Rajiv Sharma talk cancelled
Tue, Nov. 6, 2:00 PM CP5 Rajiv Sharma talk cancelled
Mon, Nov. 5, 4:30 PM MS4 Session cancelled
10/17/01 Wed, Nov. 7, 4:00 PM Poster Grushko Pavel poster cancelled
Tue, Nov. 6, 3:20 PM CP5 Henning Biermann to speak in place of Ioana Martin
Mon, Nov. 5, 5:00 PM MS4 Michela Spagnuolo talk cancelled
Mon, Nov. 5, 4:30 PM MS4 Bianca Falcidieno talk cancelled
Mon, Nov. 5, 5:10 PM CP4 Achan Lin talk cancelled
Thur, Nov. 8, 2:20 PM CP12 Hassan Ugail talk cancelled
Tue, Nov. 6, 2:00 PM CP5 New session chair: Rida Farouki, University of California, Davis
Mon, Nov. 5, 6:00 PM MS4 Marc Alexa talk cancelled
Wed, Nov 7, 3:40 PM CP9 Marshall Walker talk cancelled
10/07/01 Tue, Nov. 6, 5:10 PM CP7 Alessandra Sestini talk cancelled
Mon, Nov. 5, 4:50 PM CP4 Petro Espionoza tak cancelled
Mon, Nov. 5, 2:30 PM MS3 Craig Gottsman talk cancelled, replacement speaker Gerard Farin (from CP2)
Mon, Nov. 5, 3:00 PM CP2 Gerard Farin talk moved to MS3, Mon, 2:30 PM
Tue, Nov. 6, 4:30 PM CP8 Marco Paluszny cancelled

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