Thursday, November 4

Graphics and Visualization

4:15 PM-6:15 PM
Room: Acoma
Chair: David R. Forsey, Radical Entertainment Ltd., Canada

4:15-4:30 Interactively Analyzing Joint Simulations of Car Body Vibrations and Interior Acoustics
Martin Schulz and Manfred Weiler, University of Erlangen, Germany; Thomas Reuding, BMW AG, Germany; Ove Sommer and Thomas Ertl, University of Erlangen, Germany
4:35-4:50 Simulating Particle Accumulation by Parabolic Visibility
Yu-Kumg Chen and Shuo-Yan Chou, National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, Taiwan
Cancelled 4:55-5:10 Geometry and Rendering Optimizations for the Interactive Visualization of Crash-Worthiness Simulations
Ove Sommer and Thomas Ertl, University of Erlangen, Germany
5:15-5:30 Modeling Scalar Volume Data Using Coons Volumes
David J. Holliday, Arizona State University
5:35-5:50 DesignMentor: An Interactive Environment for Teaching Curve and Surface Design
Ching-Kuang Shene, Michigan Technological University
5:55-6:10 Selective Cryptography
Alexa C. E. Nawotki, University of Kaiserslautern, Germany

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