Friday, November 5

Mathematical Foundations

1:45 PM-3:45 PM
Room: Acoma
Chair: Ron Goldman, Rice University

1:45-2:00 Some Remarks on G1-Continuity for Bézier Patches
Günther Greiner, Universität Erlangen, Germany
2:05-2:20 On Multiplying Points: The Paired Algebras of Forms and Sites
Lyle Ramshaw, Compaq Computer Corporation
2:25-2:40 Do Blending and Offsetting Commute for Dupin Cyclides?
Ching-Kuang Shene, Michigan Technological University
2:45-3:00 A Geometric Structure to Represent Distributed Phenomena
Jeffrey A. Chard and Vadim Shapiro, University of Wisconsin, Madison
3:05-3:20 Algorithms for Calculating Distance Between Curves
Przemyslaw Bogacki and Stanley E. Weinstein, Old Dominion University
Cancelled 3:25-3:40 Plane Isoperimetric Inequalities and Applications
A. Raouf Chouikha, University of Paris-Nord, France

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