Tuesday, November 2

CAD Applications

1:45 PM-3:45 PM
Room: Weavers
Chair: Miriam L. Lucian, The Boeing Company

1:45-2:00 Direct Control of Draft Angles for Design of Manufacturable Free-Form Surface Features
Paul Stewart and Yifan Chen, Ford Motor Company
2:05-2:20 3D Shape-Generating Processes and G-Buffer Models for Multi-Axis Machining
Yuan-Shin Lee, and John C. J. Chiou, North Carolina State University
2:25-2:40 Free-form Plate Forming by Line Heating
Takashi Maekawa, Guoxin Yu, and Nicholas M. Patrikalakis, Massachusetts Institute of Technology; and Takis Sakkalis, Agricultural University of Athens, Greece
2:45-3:00 Determining Attack Directions for Car-Body Panels Via Spherical Algorithms
Ming-En Wang, Eastern Michigan University
3:05-3:20 Human Applications of Multi-Resolution Modeling
Rowland Travis, Imperial College, United Kingdom
3:25-3:40 A Tool for Eye Surgery Using Natural Neighbors
Eva Rechy, Universidad Autonoma Metropolitana (Iztapalapa), Mexico

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