Tuesday, November 2

Advances in Solid Modeling

10:30 AM-12:30 PM
Room: Pueblos

Classical solid modeling deals with mathematical models and computer representations of rigid homogeneous subsets of Euclidean space. This mini-symposium focuses on recent advances that aim to extend the success of solid modeling techniques. The speakers will discuss unification of the known representations, parametric families of solids, models for spatially distributed physical properties, and synergy between the academic advances and the latest developments in industry.

Organizer: Vadim Shapiro
University of Wisconsin, Madison
10:30-10:55 The World According to Djinn
Stephen Cameron, Oxford University Computing Laboratory, United Kingdom
11:00-11:25 Models and Representations of Parametric Families
Srinivas Raghothama, University of Wisconsin, Madison; and Vadim Shapiro, Organizer
11:30-11:55 On Modeling Physical Attributes of Mechanical Artifacts Using Distributed Property Models
Jovan Zagajac, Ford Motor Company
12:00-12:25 Opportunities in Solid Modeling Research, An Industry Perspective
Donald L. Vossler, Unigraphics Solutions Inc.

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