Friday, March 26

Optimization and Design

4:30 PM-5:50 PM
Room: Ballroom C
Chair: Susana Gómez, IIMAS-Universidad Nacional Autonoma Mexico, México

4:30-4:45 Global Optimization for History Matching of Oil Reservoirs
Susana Gómez, IIMAS-Universidad Nacional Autonoma México, México; Olivier Gosselin and John Barker, Elf Exploration UK PLC, London, United Kingdom
CANCELLED 4:50-5:05 Design of Space-Time Groundwater Quality Sampling Networks for Plumes in Motion
Graciela S. Herrera, Instituto Mexicano de Tecnologia del Agua, Mexico; and George F. Pinder, University of Vermont and Research Center for Groundwater, Burlington, Vermont
5:10-5:25 Optimal Design of a Subsurface Redox Barrier
Ashok Chilakapati, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
5:30-5:45 Airflow Numerical Optimization in Subsoil Decontamination Problems
Fasma Diele, Filippo Notarnicola, and Ivonne Sgura, Istituto per Ricerche di Matematica Applicata-CNR, Bari, Italy

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