Thursday, March 25

Parameter Estimation and Characterization I

4:30 PM-6:30 PM
Room: Ballroom B
Chair: Alain Bourgeat, Université Saint Etienne, France

4:30-4:45 A Practical Estimation Method for in Situ Groundwater Contaminant Concentrations
Sungkwon Kang, Chosun University, Kwangjy, Korea and Texas A&M University, College Station; Thomas B. Stauffer, Tyndall AFB, Florida; and Kirk Hatfield, University of Florida, Gainsville
4:50-5:05 Total Variation Regularization Combined with Domain Decomposition and Multigrid Methods for Inverse Problems
Xue-Cheng Tai, University of Bergen, Norway; Johnny Frøyen, Rogaland Research, Bergen, Norway; M. S. Espedal, University of Bergen, Norway; and Tony F. Chan, University of California, Los Angeles
5:10-5:25 Length Scale and Parameter Estimation Efficiency in Recovery of An Unknown Conductivity Function from Distributed Pressure Data
Kari Brusdal, University of Bergen, Norway; and Trond Mannseth, Rogaland Research, Bergen, Norway
5:30-5:45 Relative Permeabilities from Modeling of Random Sphere Packings
Michael J. London, Alberta Research Council and University of Manitoba, Edmonton, Canada
5:50-6:05 Transport of Solutes in Radial Well Flow in Heterogeneous Formations
Gedeon Dagan, Tel Aviv University, Israel; and NewPeter Indelman, Technion-Israel Institute of Technology, Haifa, Israel
6:10-6:25 Fast Three-Dimensional Modeling and Inversion of Electromagnetic Field Data
Patricia de Lugão, Baker Atlas/Baker Hughes Research Support, Houston

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