Thursday, March 25

Finite Volume Schemes for Reservoir Simulation on General Grids

2:00 PM-4:00 PM
Room: Ballroom B

The focus of this minisymposium is the development of finite volume schemes that can allow full tensor fluxes and have fully implicit formulations. There are three factors that can give rise to a full tensor pressure equation in reservoir simulation: anisotropic media and cross bedding, nonorthogonal and unstructured grids, and upscaling. A major assumption in today's commercial simulators is that the pressure equation always has a diagonal tensor. However, this assumption is only true if the computational grid is aligned with the principal axes of the tensor, which rarely occurs. Consequently popular simulators routinely compute solutions with O (1) errors that are passed to the reservoir engineer who is blissfully unaware of the problem. The speakers will present methods that provide a practical remedy to the problem.

Organizers: Ivar Aavatsmark
Norsk Hydro, Bergen, Norway
Michael G. Edwards
Stanford University

2:00-2:25 Relationships Between Various Finite Volume, Flux-Based Finite Difference, and Mixed Finite Element Methods
Thomas F. Russell, University of Colorado, Denver
2:30-2:55 UpdatedLocally Conservative Finite Element Methods on General Grids for Modeling Flow in Porous Media
Mary F. Wheeler and Beatrice Riviere, University of Texas, Austin
3:00-3:25 Grid Generation in Relation to Upscaling and Discretization
Christopher L. Farmer, GeoQuest, Abingdon, United Kingdom
3:30-3:55 Multipoint Flux Approximation on General Grids with Application to Reservoir Simulation
Michael G. Edwards and Ivar Aavatsmark, Organizers

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