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Call for Minisymposia

A minisymposium consists of one (or multiple sessions) where each session includes four 25-minute presentations with an additional five minutes for discussion after each presentation. Prospective minisymposium organizers are asked to submit a proposal consisting of a title, a description (not to exceed 100 words), and a list of speakers and titles of their presentations.

Each minisymposium speaker should submit a 75-word abstract. The Scientific committee will referee minisymposium proposals. The number of minisymposia may be limited to retain an acceptable level of parallelism in the conference sessions. It is suggested that a minisymposium organizer make the first presentation. The exact minisymposium rundown can be determined by the minisymposium organizers to suit their presentations.

Deadline for submission of minisymposium proposals: 30 September 2013    10 October 2013
Deadline for submission of minisymposium speaker abstracts: 30 October 2013      6 November 2013

Minisymposium Organizer Submission Form (Closed)
Minisymposium Presentation Submission Form (Closed)