Monday, May 22

Thin Film Rupture; Defects in Crystals I

5:45 PM-6:45 PM
Room: Liberty C
Chair: Jeffrey M. Rickman, Lehigh University, USA

5:45-6:00 Families of Self-Similar Solutions for Thin Film Rupture
Thomas P. Witelski, Duke University, USA; and Andrew J. Bernoff, Harvey Mudd College, USA
6:05-6:20 Mesoscopic Resonance of Self-Excited Defect Oscillations
Lev G. Steinberg, University of Puerto Rico, Mayaguez, Puerto Rico
6:25-6:40 Stress Tensors and Measures in Molecular Dynamics Simulations
J. Cormier, Jeffrey M. Rickman and T. J. Delph, Lehigh University, USA

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