Tuesday, May 23

Electromagnetic Waves and Nonlinear Dynamics

5:45 PM-6:45 PM
Room: Liberty B
Chair: Horacio Sosa, Drexel University, USA

5:45-6:00 New Effects in Nonlinear Dynamics of Coupled Oscillatory Chains
Leonid I. Manevitch, Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia
6:05-6:20 On the Generation and Attenuation of Electro-Elastic Waves in Active Materials
Horacio Sosa, Drexel University, USA
6:25-6:40 Boundary Integral Model for 2-D Electromagnetic Scattering by Photonic Crystal Structures
Mansoor A. Haider, North Carolina State University, USA; Stephanos Venakides, Duke University, USA; and Vassilis Papanicolaou, Wichita State University, USA, and National Technical University of Athens, Greece

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