Wednesday, May 24

Homogenization and Optimal Design of Materials III

5:00 PM-6:00 PM
Room: Independence B
Chair: Anthony P. Roberts, University of Queensland, Australia

5:00-5:15 Elastic Properties of Porous Materials
Anthony P. Roberts, University of Queensland, Australia; and Edward J. Garboczi, National Institute of Standards and Technology, USA
5:20-5:35 Field Distributions and Homogenization of Weakly Nonlinear Media
Yves-Patrick Pellegrini, Commissariat ál Energie Atomique, France
5:40-5:55 The Mechanism of Charge Redistribution in Metals and Alloys. The Charge Ordering
Z. A. Matysin, Dnepropetrovsk State University; D. V. Shur, Institute of Hydrogen and Solar Energy; V. A. Chumak and S. Yu. Zaginaichenko, Institute for Problems of Materials Science of NAS, Ukraine

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