Monday, May 22

Liquid Crystals; Magnetism and Magnetic Materials I

Monday, May 22
Room: Liberty B
Chair: Bagisa Mukherjee, Pennsylvania State University, Scranton Campus, USA

5:45-6:00 On The Stability of Two Nematic Liquid Crystal Configurations
Bagisa Mukherjee and Chun Liu, Pennsylvania State University, Scranton Campus, USA
Cancelled 6:05-6:20 Global-Weak Solutions to a Modified Gilbert Equation for Ferromagnets
Paolo Podio-Guidugli, Università di Roma "Tor Vergata", Italy; and Vanda Valente, IAC-CNR Roma, Italy
6:05-6:20 Facet Stepping in Crystalline Flows
Jean Taylor, Rutgers University, USA; and Jason Yunger, J. P. Morgan Co., USA
6:25-6:40 Efficient Micromagnetic Calculations
Nilima Nigam, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, USA

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