Monday, May 22

Domain Coarsening Dynamics - Part II of II

3:30 PM-5:30 PM
Room: Liberty A

For description, see Part I, MS4.

Organizers: Barbara Niethammer
Universität Bonn, Germany
Robert L. Pego
University of Maryland, College Park, USA
3:30-3:55 Transient Ostwald Ripening: a Comparison Between Theory and Experiment
V. Snyder, J. Alkemper, and Peter W. Voorhees, Northwestern University, USA
4:00-4:25 Sensitivity of Long-time Behavior in the LSW Model of Coarsening
Barbara Niethammer and Robert L. Pego, Organizers
4:30-4:55 Coarsening and Particle Splitting
Perry H. Leo, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, USA
5:00-5:25 Strain-Dominated Coarsening Dynamics of a Single-Phase Domain Structure
Y. H. Wen, Pennsylvania State University, USA; Y. Z. Wang, Ohio State University, Columbus, USA; and Long-Qing Chen, Pennsylvania State University, USA

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