Wednesday, May 24

The Dynamics of Phase Transitions - Part III of III

2:45 PM-4:45 PM
Room: Constitution

For description, see Part I, MS24; For Part II, see MS31.

Organizers: Rohan Abeyaratne
Massachussets Institute of Technology, USA
Kaushik Bhattacharya
California Institute of Technology, USA
2:45-3:10 A Level-Set Approach to the Computation of Twinning and Phase Transition Dynamics
Thomas Y. Hou, California Institute of Technology, USA; Phoebus Rosakis, Cornell University, USA; and Philippe LeFloch, Ecole Polytechnique, France
3:15-3:40 Quasi-Steady Evolution Dynamics of A Twinning Step
Phoebus Rosakis, Cornell University, USA; and Hungyu Tsai, Michigan State University, USA
3:45-4:10 Thermal Ttrapping of Phase Boundaries
Lev Truskinovsky, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, USA
4:15-4:40 Kinetics of Twin Boundary Motion
Rohan Abeyaratne, Organizer; and S. Vedantam

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