Monday, May 22

Computations and Analysis of Interfaces in Materials - Part I of II

10:00 AM-12:00 PM
Room: Declaration

For Part II, see MS12.

Computations and analysis of interfaces and understanding interfacial phenomenon is very important to many problems in material sciences. In this minisymposium, the speakers will focus on the mathematical modeling and analysis as well as numerical computations of problems involving interfaces in materials. They will discuss micro-structure evolution, thin films, surface diffusions and deformation of elastic sheets. The mathematical and computational models discussed in the minisymposium involve studies of simplified mathematical equations, and sharp interface approach and diffusive interface approaches applied to specific physical problems.

Organizers: Hongkai Zhao and Qing Nie
University of California, Irvine, USA
10:00-10:25 A Continuum Description of Interfacial Geometry
Perry H. Leo, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, USA
10:30-10:55 The Generalized Von-Kármán Equations: Deformations of m-Dimensional Elastic Sheets
Shankar C. Venkataramani, University of Chicago, USA
11:00-11:25 A Fast and Accurate Numerical Approaches for Stefan Problems and Crystal Growth
Zhilin Li, North Carolina State University, USA
11:30-11:55 Numerical Simulation of 3D Microstructural Evolution in Inhomogeneous Elastic Media
Xiaofan Li, Illinois Institute of Technology, USA

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