Third SIAM Conference on Mathematical Aspects of Materials Science

Poster SessionPoster Session and Welcoming Reception

Sunday, May 21

6:00 PM-8:00 PM
Room: Foyer Prefunction

SodaSnacksSnacks and sodas will be served. A cash bar will be available. Poster presenters can setup and display their poster materials beginning at 3:00 PM on Sunday, May 21. All posters must be up on the poster boards by 6:00 PM. At this time, all poster presenters are available to present their work and interact with attendees during the session and reception.

Poster Presentations

Modification of the Kolmogorov- Johnson-Mehl Kinetics in One-Dimensional Disorder Systems
B. V. Petukhov, Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia
Growth and Instability in Biofilm Layers
Isaac Klapper and Jack Dockery, Montana State University, USA
Mathematical Characterization of Composite Materials
Anthony P. Roberts, University of Queensland, Australia; and S. Torquato, Princeton University, USA
Homogenization using the Second-Order Theory to Estimate the Hyperelastic Behavior of Composite with Long Fibers
Noël Lahellec and J. C. Michel, L.M.A/ C.N.R.S., France
Modeling of the Deterioration of Solids Under Irradiation
Jerome Colin, University of Poitiers, France; M. Grinfeld, Educational Testing Service, USA; and J. Grilhé, University of Poitiers, France
Modification of Electronic Material Surfaces by a Scanning Local Heat Source
D. I. Cherednichenko, G.D. Straty, and T.S. Sudarshan, University of South Carolina, Columbia, USA
Investigation of Micropipes and Planar Defects in the Volume of SiC Single Crystal
D.I. Cherednichenko, Y.I. Khlebnikov, I.I. Khlebnikov, and T.S. Sudarshan. University of South Carolina, Columbia, USA
Cancelled Lattice Differential Equations
Christopher E. Elmer, National Institute of Standards and Technology, USA; Erik S. Van Vleck, Colorado School of Mines, USA
A Comparison Between Different Finite Element Algorithms for the Computation of Large Facet Formation During the Melt Growth of Single Crystals
Alexander Virozub and Simon Brandon, Technion-Israel Institute of Technology, Israel
Microstructural Evolution in a Thin Film on a Compliant Substrate
Steven M. Wise, University of Virginia, USA; Perry H. Leo University of Minnesota, USA; and William C. Johnson, University of Virginia, USA

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