SIAM Workshop on Network Science (NS14)

July 6-7, 2014
The Palmer House, Chicago, Illinois, USA

Co-located with:
SIAM Workshop on Exascale Applied Mathematics Challenges and Opportunities (EX14).
July 6, 2014
2014 SIAM Annual Meeting
July 7-11, 2014


Network science is a mathematically rich, multi-disciplinary field that studies a vast set of problems from social networks, biology, chemistry, power systems, and information retrieval. The goal of network science is to understand the commonalities and differences among the graphs and networks underlying these problems, their impact on each application, and the new mathematics needed to accomplish these tasks. For instance, one of the most striking features of the natural networks (e.g., social networks) and semi-engineering systems (e.g., the power grid) is that they lack the regularity of grids and meshes, which are common in engineering and scientific computing.

The goal of this workshop is to foster the budding community within SIAM that studies these problems by providing participants with a venue to interact, collaborate, and discuss this emerging field.

We will hold the workshop over two days and emphasize discussions and collaborations among the participants. Based on feedback from the highly successful 2013 SIAM Workshop on Network Science the 2014 workshop will feature a single session on contributed open problems in network science (see the types of submissions below).

Workshop Co-chairs
David F. Gleich - Purdue University, USA
Paul Hines - University of Vermont, USA
Organizing Committee
Leman Akloglu, Stony Brook University, USA
James Bagrow, University of Vermont, USA
Michele Benzi, Emory University, USA
John Gunnar Carlsson, University of Minnesota, USA
Ian Dobson, Iowa State University, USA
Mahantesh Halappanavar, Pacific Northwest National Laboratories, USA
Emilie Hogan, Pacific Northwest National Laboratories, USA
Madhav Marathe, Virginia Tech, USA
Cris Moore, Sante Fe Institute, USA
Ali Pinar, Sandia National Laboratories, USA
Tuhin Sahai, United Technologies Research Center, USA
Hans De Sterck, University of Waterloo, Canada
Evimaria Terzi, Boston University, USA

In the 2014 workshop, we invite contributions focused on all aspects of rigorous computational and mathematical techniques involved in network analysis, with a particular interest in contributions in the following areas:

All submissions will be handled through the SIAM NetSci14 Easychair website using the SIAM Workshop on Network Science Latex style files.

We invite two types of submissions for the 2014 SIAM Workshop on Network Science.

  1. Research contributions
    Please submit a two page abstract to the research track. We expect these abstracts to be presented as either long talks, short talks, or posters. We will endeavor to include as much high quality work as possible in the conference.

    We hope to offer an additional opportunity for detailed feedback to junior participants.

  2. Open and important problem contributions
    We also wish to have contributions to discuss open problems and important issues. These should be one page, “position” papers. We expect them to be presented as 5 or 10 minute talks. Please don’t submit problems you are planning to work on, it’d be better if you submit something you’d like to see someone else work on, or a project you’d be willing to provide guidance for.

Program Schedule

The program schedule is now available[PDF, 150 KB]


Funding Agency


SIAM and the Workshop Organizing Committee wish to extend their thanks and appreciation to the U.S. National Science Foundation for its support of the Workshop.






SIAM and the Workshop Organizing Committee extend their thanks and appreciation to XSEDE for its sponsorship.


Submission information

Please submit the two-page research or one-page problem contributions to the easy-chair website: using the style files below.

Submission style files

We have prepared a style file for the conference.


The deadline for contributions is February 21. We expect to make notifications in mid-late March.


Letter of Invitation

Confirmed authors in need of a Letter of Invitation to assist in the visa application process, please fill out the Letter of Invitation Request Form. Please allow three to four weeks for processing and delivery.
If you are not planning to present at the conference or are not yet an accepted author and need a letter of invitation before acceptance notifications are sent, please fill out the form AND provide the following information to [email protected]:

Letter of recommendation. Have a senior person (e.g. Ph.D. advisor, head of department, president of a mathematical society) write a brief letter of recommendation on appropriate letterhead. This letter is not needed if you have a minimum of twelve entries in MathSciNet. If this is the case please state so in your message to [email protected].

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