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Leonid Khachiyan (1952-2005) passed away Friday April 29 at the age of 52. Khachiyan was best known for his 1979 use of the ellipsoid algorithm, originally developed for convex programming, to give the first polynomial-time algorithm to solve linear programming problems. While the simplex algorithm solved linear programs well in practice, Khachiyan gave the first formal proof of an efficient algorithm in the worst case.

Khachiyan's analysis led to broad applications of the ellipsoid algorithm as a method of obtaining complexity results for discrete optimization problems. Khachiyan and co-authors also developed polynomial-time algorithms for convex quadratic programming, studied the complexity of polynomial programming over the reals and the integers, and devised the method of inscribed ellipsoids for general convex programming.

A brief remembrance for Leonid Khachiyan will be held at the start of the Award and Presentation session in the Auditorium on Tuesday at 1:45PM, May 17, 2005.

About the Conference

Stockhom City Conference Centre/Norra Latin
Barnhusgatan 7B
SE-111 23 Stockholm, Sweden

See item "A" on the attached map (Norra Latin).    http://www.siam.org/meetings/op05/hotelmap.pdf

The Eighth SIAM Conference on Optimization will feature the latest research in theory, algorithms, and applications in optimization problems. In particular, it will emphasize large-scale problems and will feature important applications in networks, manufacturing, medicine, biology, finance, aeronautics, control, operations research, and other areas of science and engineering. The conference brings together mathematicians, operations researchers, computer scientists, engineers, and software developers; thus it provides an excellent opportunity for sharing ideas and problems among specialists and users of optimization in academia, government, and industry.

Conference Themes

The themes of the conference include, but are not limited to:

  • Large-scale nonlinear programming
  • Large-scale linear programming
  • Simulation-based optimization
  • Optimization in medicine and biology
  • Stochastic programming
  • Optimization in finance
  • Semidefinite programming
  • Computational optimization frameworks

Organizing Committee

(Co-chair), Anders Forsgren , Royal Institute of Technology (KTH)
(Co-chair), Henry Wolkowicz , University of Waterloo    

Natalia Alexandrov , NASA Langley Research Center
Kurt Anstreicher , The University of Iowa
Robert M. Freund , MIT
Florian Jarre , Heinrich Heine Universität Düsseldorf
Franz Rendl , University of Klagenfurt
Trond Steihaug , University of Bergen
Michael J. Todd , Cornell University
Philippe Toint , The University of Namur (FUNDP)
Luis N. Vicente , Universidade de Coimbra
Ya-xiang Yuan , Chinese Academy of Sciences


SIAM would like to thank KTH, Royal Institute of Technology, Vetenskapsrådet, and the U. S. National Science Foundation for additional support for the conference.

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