Tenth SIAM Conference on Parallel Processing for Scientific Computing

Program Updates

This file includes a running list of any changes or cancellations made to this electronic program. Updates will be added as they become available so please visit this page often.

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Date of Change Session Session Date/Time Update
3/08/01 MS6 Monday, March 12/3:40 PM Sebastian Lacroix replaced by David Kincaid's "ITPACK: Past, Present, and Future
MS6 Monday, March 12/4:10 PM Speaker changed to Anthony Chronopoulos
2/21/01 MS11 Tuesday, March 13/3:45 PM Cancelled: Andrew Lumsdaine
2/15/01 CP5 Monday, March 12/2:40 PM Antonia Garcia will present the paper
CP14 Wednesday, March 14/11:15 AM Cancelled


Wednesday, March 14/10:15 AM Cancelled

Poster Presentation

Tuesday, March 13/6:00 PM Cancelled: " A Design of A Processor Architecture for Codes with Explicit Data Dependencies"
CP4 Monday, March 12/4:10 PM Cancelled
1/29/01 CP12 Tuesday, March 13/10:30 AM Cancelled: P. Raghavan
1/23/01 CP15 Wednesday, March 14/10:00 AM Z. Wang replaces J. Ding as speaker

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