10 TFLOPS Finite Element Solver on the Earth Simulator: GeoFEM

Hiroshi Okuda, University of Tokyo, Japan

GeoFEM (http://geofem.tokyo.rist.or.jp) has been developed as a finite element solid earth simulator using the Earth Simulator (ES) (35.61 Tflops/Linpack). It is composed of a platform and some pluggable 'analysis modules' for structural, electromagnetic thermal fluid, and wave propagation simulations. The platform includes three parts: parallel I/O interface, iterative equation solvers and visualizers. Parallel solvers have got very high performance on the ES. When using up to 512 nodes of the ES, the computational speed of the static linear analysis by the optimized ICCG solver, has reached 10.4 TFLOPS (31.8% of peak performance of 512 nodes). Parallel visualizer can provide many visualization methods for analysis modules covering scalar, vector and tensor datasets, and have been optimized in parallel performance. The analysis modules have also been vectorized and parallelized suitably for the ES and coupled on memory with the parallel visualizer.

Created: 9/29/03
Modified: 9/29/03