Problem Solving Environments and Visualization for Biomedical Applications

Chris Johnson, University of Utah

In this talk, I discuss our recent research and development of component-based PSEs for large-scale scientific computing. Specifically, I will discuss the BioPSE problem solving environment (PSE) BioPSE is a component-based visual problem solving environment (PSE) that is designed to specifically address large-scale computational problems in biomedicine. BioPSE supports the entire life cycle of scientific applications by allowing scientific programmers to quickly and easily develop new techniques, debug new implementations, and apply known algorithms to solve novel problems. BioPSE also contains many powerful visualization algorithms for scalar, vector, and tensor field visualization, as well as image processing tools. I will provide examples of several driving biomedical research applications in cardiology, neuroscience, and imaging.

Created: 9/29/03
Modified: 9/29/03