Final Program

Fourth International Conference on Mathematical and Numerical Aspects of Wave Propagation
June 1-5, 1998
Colorado School of Mines
Golden, Colorado

Conducted by SIAM with the cooperation of INRIA

Dormitory Reservation: Friday, May 1, 1998
Bed & Breakfast Inns: Tuesday, May 12, 1998
Audiovisual Requirements: Tuesday, May 12, 1998
Preregistration: Monday, May 18, 1998

The conference will encompass the general area of classical wave theory including acoustic, electromagnetic, and elastic wave propagation and scattering. The mathematical and numerical modeling procedures in these areas contribute to a considerable number of applied physical problems, over a large range of length scales. Among these are problems in sonar, radar, medical imaging, detection, materials, and wave interactions with surfaces and obstacles.

The conference will cover many of the current mathematical and numerical techniques that are applied across disciplines. It will bring together mathematicians, physicists, and engineers of varying backgrounds and occupations.

Conference Themes

Acoustic microscopy Conductive and superconductive transmission lines
Inverse problems Parabolic equation techniques
Electromagnetic inverse scattering theory Remote sensing
Medical imaging Surface scattering
Integral equations Fluid flow
Nonlinear waves Numerical algorithms
Crack problems Localization of waves


Welcoming ReceptionBarbecue Dinner Buffet Dinner
Sunday, May 31, 1998Monday, June 1, 1998Wednesday, June 3, 1998
6:00 PM-8:00 PM6:15 PM-8:00 PM6:15 PM-9:00 PM
Berthoud Hall, Geology Museum
(16th Street)
Kafadar's Commons
(Illinois Street)
The Table Mountain Inn
Cost: $38.50


SIAM Journals

You may be interested in the SIAM journals, SIAP and SISC, that are related to mathematical and numerical aspects of wave propagation. Information on these journals can be found at and

Funding Agency

SIAM and the Organizing Committee wish to extend their thanks and appreciation to the National Science Foundation for its support of this conference.

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