SIAM Annual Meeting Program for Friday, July 29, 1994

8:00 Invited Presentation

  • IP11: Perplexities and Complexities in Analysis and Applications of Cellular Automata

    8:45 Invited Presentation

  • IP12: Evolution Processes: Linear and Nonlinear, Normal and Non-normal, Stable and Unstable

    9:30 Coffee

    10:00 Concurrent Sessions

  • CP34: Control Theory and Robotics
  • CP35: Signal Processing
  • CP36: Software Tools for Scientific Computing

    12:00 Lunch

    1:30 Concurrent Sessions

  • CP37: Control of Discrete Event Systems
  • CP38: Multigrid Methods and Grid Generations
  • CP39: Porous Media and Multiphase Flow
  • CP40: Theoretical Computer Science and Neural Networks
  • CP41: Cell Cycle Models and Biological Modeling

    4:30 Meeting Adjourns