Monday, October 23/9:45 AM

Computing Fluid Flows in Complex Geometry

The speaker will give an overview of simulating fluid flow in complex geometry. The principal approaches to complex configurations use either overlapping or patched body-fitted grids, unstructured grids, or Cartesian (non-body-fitted) grids, with her work focusing on the latter approach. Cartesian methods have the advantage that no explicit mesh generation is needed. This greatly reduces the human effort involved in complex flow computations. In addition, difference schemes based on regular grids are used in the interior of the flow region, so that high order accuracy, robustness and vectorizability are easily achieved. However, it is a challenge to find stable and accurate difference formulas for the irregular Cartesian cells cut by the boundary. The speaker will present several approaches to this problem, and give numerical convergence results for test problems in 2D steady and unsteady flow. She will also present computational results for full 3D aircraft.

Marsha Berger
Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences
New York University

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