Monday Afternoon, October 23

Stability and Bifurcation in Two-Fluid Viscous Flows

The study of flows involving two immiscible liquids is a challenging subject rich in interdisciplinary science. There are many applications in industry, for example, the formation of bicomponent fibers and the transport of oil in pipelines. Theoretically, there are often many possibilities for the shape of the interface between the fluids, while experiments may show that some shapes are preferred over others. Hence, the selection mechanisms need to be investigated with the aim of lessening the gap between theoretical prediction and experimental results. Physical modeling, analytical and computational techniques aid the study of various arrangements of two fluids. The speakers will present some recent advances in this area.

Organizers: Adrian V. Coward and Yuriko Y. Renardy
Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

4:30 Stability of Oscillatory Two-Layer Plane Couette-Poiseuille Flow
Adrian V. Coward and Yuriko Y. Renardy, Organizers

5:00 On the Breakup of Liquid Jets
Demetrios Papageorgiou, New Jersey Institute of Technology

5:30 VOF/CSF Methods Applied to the Breakup of Liquid-Liquid Jets
John R. Richards, DuPont Central Research and Development; Abraham M. Lenhoff and Antony N. Beris, University of Delaware

6:00 A 2:1 Steady-Hopf Mode Interaction in the Two-Layer Benard Problem
Yuriko Renardy, Organizer and Kaoru Fujimura, Japan Atomic Energy Research Institute

6:30 On Internal Waves of Finite Amplitude in a Two-Layer Fluid of Infinite Depth
Shu-Ming Sun, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State Univerisity

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