Tuesday Afternoon, October 24

Computations in Image Reconstruction and Restoration (Invited Minisymposium)

This minisymposium is concerned with iterative methods for the solution of certain large ill-posed inverse problems, where the solution may not depend continuously on the data. The particular application topics considered in these lectures concern image reconstruction and restoration computations. However, much of the studies of theoretical, algorithmic, and parallel implementation details for such image processing computetions also apply to other ill-posed inverse problems in science and engineering.

The speakers will discuss FFT and other transform-based preconditioners for conjugate gradient methods, spatially variant blur, total variation approaches, and parallelization of the algorithms. Highly specialized iterative solvers that exploit the structure of the problem and the parallel computing platform would appear to be the most viable candidates for these diverse, large scale image reconstruction and restoration problems.

Organizer: Robert J. Plemmons
Wake Forest University

12:30 Restoring Images Degraded by Spatially-Variant Blur
James G. Nagy, Southern Methodist University and Dianne P. O'Leary, University of Maryland, College Park

1:00 Iterative Methods in Image Restoration
Michael K. Ng, Australian National University, Australia; and Raymond H. Chan, Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong

1:30 Fast Total Variation-Based Methods in Image Reconstruction
Curtis R. Vogel and Mary E. Oman, Montana State University

2:00 Direct Methods to Solve Regularization Problems in Image Deconvolution
Kyle Gallivan, University of Illinois, Urbana; Srikanth Thirumalai, Cray Research, Inc.; and Paul Van Dooren, Centre for Systems Engineering and Applied Mathematics, Belgium

2:30 A Total Variation Denoising Algorithm Using a Primal-Dual Approach
Tony F. Chan, University of California, Los Angeles; Gene H. Golub, Stanford University; and Pep Mulet, University of California, Los Angeles and University of Valencia, Spain

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