Wednesday Morning, October 25

Software Involving Kronecker Products

Kronecker products of matrices arise in a wide variety of applications and have been exploited in numerous algorithms to significantly reduce operation counts. Huge systems of equations involving millions of variables frequently arise and are routinely solved using Kronecker product methods in the engineering community. Frequently, the normal equations are utilized to solve Kronecker Product least squares problems, a technique which is known to be unstable. Recently, stable methods using QR and URV factorizations have been developed. The speakers will address numerical issues in Kronecker product methods, approximation by Kronecker products, and specific applications.

Organizer: Charles T. Fulton
Florida Institute of Technology

8:00 Applications of the Kronecker Product
Charles Van Loan, Cornell University

8:30 Use of Kronecker Products in Mapping Applications
George Dedes, Ohio State University

9:00 Parallel Computation for Large Least Squares Problems Involving Kronecker Products
Charles T. Fulton, Organizer and Limin Wu, Florida Institute of Technology

9:30 Latest Developments in Array Algebra
Urho A. Rauhala, General Dynamics Electronics Systems Inc.

10:00 Kronecker Polynomials and Their Applications
Pal Rozsa, Technical University, Hungary

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