Wednesday Morning, October 25

Control of Linear and Nonlinear Systems

This minisymposium addresses topics in control of large systems, with emphasis on models described by linear and non-linear partial differential equations. The speakers will discuss exact controllability questions for linear P.D.E.s by boundary controls and connections with scattering theory to min-max and max optimization for linear systems design, stability questions, or lack thereof, of non-linear P.D.E.s such as the KdV equation and wave-Petrowski systems with dissipation. The presentations provide and blend applied mathematics and theoretical engineering perspectives which are brought to bear in the solution of physically significant problems.

Organizer: Roberto Triggiani
University of Virginia

8:00 Classical Scattering Theory, Local Smoothing of Evolutions Equations, and Boundary Control Theory
Walter Littman, University of Minnesota

8:30 On Exact Formability of Elastic Materials
David Russell, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

9:00 Worst Case Disturbances for Linear Systems
E.B. Lee, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis

9:30 Global Dynamics of Weakly Dissipative Systems
Yuncheng You, University of South Florida

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