Monday Afternoon, October 23

Numerical Analysis of Circuit Simulation and its Generalizations

The numerical techniques used in analog circuit simulation motivates interesting work in numerical analysis. The speakers in this minisymposium will discuss some of the recent work that has grown out of the circuit simulation problem. They will discuss application of time-stepping techniques used for circuits to the problem of modeling electrical activity in cardiac tissue, numerical techniques that have resulted from the search for more efficient circuit simulation including an overview of convergence enhancements for Newton's method and waveform techniques, and a software environment that can automatically generate a simulator for problems that can be formulated as a generalized circuit problem.

Organizers: Donald J. Rose, Duke University and James T. Wilkes, Appalachian State University

2:00 Simulation Studies of Electrical Cardiac Dynamics Using Parallel Implicit Algorithms
Sandy Papazoglou, C.S. Henriquez, and Donald J. Rose, Duke University

2:30 Enhanced Convergence of Newton's Method in Circuit Simulation
James T. Wilkes and Donald J. Rose, Organizers

3:00 Parallel Waveform Methods for Circuit Simulation
Michael A. Rierson, Duke University; and Donald J. Rose, Organizer

3:30 GNoME - A Generalized Network Modeling Environment
Scott Bigham, Duke University; and Donald J. Rose, Organizer

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