Wednesday Afternoon, October 25

Analytical and Computational Studies of Granular Flow Modelling and Elastoplasticity Problems (Part I of II)

This minisymposium will focus on analytical and numerical aspects of granular flow modelling and elastoplasticity problems. Granular flows are modelled here in the framework of plasticity or elastoplasticity. A major issue is to determine conditions under which singularities (shear bands) occur. Physical behavior, and hence mathematical treatment, of a plasticity problem differs depending on whether the material exhibits hardening behavior or not. Perfect plasticity necessitates analytical and numerical approaches taking account of the fact that singularities such as shear bands or yield lines may develop. The speakers will address the consequences of admitting hardening behavior. They will discuss the form of variational problems, the tools required to study these problems, and particular features of solution algorithms.

Organizers: Weimin Han, University of Iowa and B. Daya Reddy, University of Cape Town, South Africa

1:30 A Survey of Work in Granular Flow
David G. Schaeffer, Duke University

2:00 Formation of Shear Bands in Models of Granular Materials
Michael Shearer, North Carolina State University

2:30 Numerical Algorithms for Shear Bands in Granular Materials
F. Xabier Garaizar, North Carolina State University

3:00 Numerical Simulation of a Granular Material
Richard B. Clelland and Peter A. Thompson, Duke University

3:30 Viscoplastic Relaxation in Granular Flow
E. Bruce Pitman, State University of New York, Buffalo

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