Thursday Afternoon, October 26

Multidimensional Inverse Problems: Theory and Computation

The discipline of inverse problems (IP) studies determination of unknown properties of a medium given measurements of radiation interacting with the medium outside of the domain of interest. A typical IP leads to the determination of an unknown coefficient of a PDE inside of a bounded domain given some overdetermined boundary data on the boundary of this domain. An IP is called "multidimensional" if the unknown coefficient depends on more than one spatial variable. Multidimensional IPs have important applications in geophysics, medical imaging, non-destructive evaluation, and ocean acoustics. The theory and numerical methods for these IPs are still developing. The speakers will discuss theory and algorithms for some boundary value problems in anisotropic media, IPs of electromagnetic waves propagation, imaging of corrosion, and diffusion tomography.

Organizer: Michael V. Klibanov
University of North Carolina, Charlotte

12:30 Inverse Boundary Value Problems in Anisotrophic Media
Gunther Uhlmann, University of Washington

1:00 Inverse Scattering at Resonance Frequencies
Peter Monk and David Colton, University of Delaware

1:30 Imaging Corrosion Damage in Plates
Fadil Santosa, University of Delaware and Cornell University

2:00 Some Numerical Methods for Multi-dimensional Inverse Scattering Problems
Michael Klibanov, Organizer

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