1995 SIAM Annual Meeting
Poster Session

Monday Morning, October 23

The poster session will take place during the lunch break, 12:30 to 2:00 PM. It will be at the Exhibits area in Mecklenburg 1. A boxed lunch will be available at a nominal cost to participants, attendees, and exhibitors.

Wigner Approach and Generalization Molecular Dynamics Method in the Theory of Wave Propagation in Random Media
Filinov V. Sergeevich, Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia
Multiple Solution and Bifurcation of Finite Difference Approximation to Quasilinear Elliptic Partial Differential Equations
Gerardo A. Ache, Universidad Central de Venezuela, Venezuela
OPTITEK - A Sawing Simulator of a New Generation
Francois Grondin, Forintek Canada Corporation and Laval University, Canada
Qualified Syntax: A New Mathematical Grammar
Damon Scott, Belmont Abbey College
On Dual, Triple and Quadruple Integral Equations of the Titchmarsh Type
Bhagwan D. Aggarwala, University of Calgary, Canada
Incorporating Irregular Grids into Ocean General Circulation Models
William S. Russell, Columbia University and NASA GISS
Newton-Krylov-Schwarz: An Implicit Solver for CFD Applications
David E. Keyes, Old Dominion University and ICASE, NASA Langley Research Center
Symbolic Auc Solutions of a Small Linear PBPK Model
Robert N. Brown, United States Environmental Protection Agency
Ecology Safe Management of a Drinking Water Supply System
Eugene Levner and Dror Zuckerman, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel; Parkhat Niyazkhodjaev and Moisey Makhlin, Water Engineering Institute, Uzbekistan; and Lev Poberejskii, Water Project Institute, Uzbekistan
A Strongly Polynomial Algorithm for No Wait Cyclic Robitic Flowshop Scheduling
Eugene Levner, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel; and Vladimir Kats, Ben Gurion University of the Negev, Israel
Numerical Iterative Method and Reaction-diffusion Equations with Nonlinear Diffusion Coefficent
Jianhua Wang and C.V. Pao, North Carolina State University
Computational Science and Engineering at Clemson
D.E. Stevenson, Clemson University
Numerical Results for the Generalized Korteweg-de Vries Equation
A. Bathi Kasturiarachi, Kent State University
Adaptive Mesh Refinement in Compositional Reservoir Simulation
Richard D. Hornung, Duke University
Integrating Descriptive and Analytical Models of a Physical System Using an Object-Oriented Approach
Dale W. Richards, United States Air Force Rome Laboratory
Optimization Applications in Fusion Reactor Design
J. Galambos and J. Holmes, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
An Inverse Problem of Image Reconstruction from Synthetic Aperture Radar Data
Alexander V. Goncharsky and Sergey Yu. Romanov, Moscow State University, Russia
An Inverse 3-D Scattering Problem of Wave Seismics
Alexander V. Goncharsky and Sergey Yu. Romanov, Moscow State University, Russia
Numerical Simulations of 2D Subsurface Contaminant Transport for a Superfund Site
Freda Porter-Locklear, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill; James W. Weaver and Robert S. Kerr, United States Environmental Protection Agency
Efficient Parallel Algorithms for Local and Global Adaptive Quadrature
Silvia A. Crivelli and Elizabeth R. Jessup, University of Colorado, Boulder
Simulation of Nasal Airflow in Rhesus Monkeys using Finite Element Methods
Grace M. Kepler, Kevin T. Morgan and Julia S. Kimbell, Chemical Industry Institute of Toxicology
Solution Blow-up for a Non-Linear Volterra Equation Arising from a Hyperbolic Problem
Kelly A. Molkenthin and Catherine A. Roberts, University of Rhode Island
Parameter Estimation in a Diffusion Model for Electrogenerated Chemiluminescence
Terry G. Anderson and Stephen D. Williams, Appalachian State University
Numerical Results in Identification and Control of Stochastic Systems
Tracy Atteberry, Zhishang Chen, Mark Frei, Ai-Jun Gao, Shane Haas, Zennong Wang, Nathan Welch and Omar Zane, University of Kansas
Least Squares Smoothers for Multigrid Collocation Problems
Maurice W. Benson, Lakehead University
Image Modeling
Alain Bretto, Hocine Cherifi and Bernard Laget, University of St. Etienne, France
Computation of Market Price Equilibrium without Clearance Condition on Supplies
Jie Pan, St. Joseph's University
Automatic Differentiation of Large Scale Derivative Problems with ADIFOR 2.0
Christian Bischof, Peyvand Khademi, Ali Bouaricha and Alan Carle, Argonne National Laboratory
Characterizing Neural Network Error Surfaces with a Sequential Quadratic Programming Algorithm
Scott A. Markel and Roger L. Crane, David Sarnoff Research Center, Princeton; and Charles Fefferman, Princeton University
Discrete Element Models: Cooperation and Complexity
Ross A. Gagliano, Georgia State University
The Validity of Evolutionary Gaming
Phillip A. Mitchem, Georgia State University
The Fractal Dimension of Optimal Processes
Michael R. Lauer, Datatrac Corporation, Georgia
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