Invited Presentations

11:15 AM, Monday, July 22
IP1 A Steepest-Descent/Stationary Phase Type Method for Oscillatory Riemann-Hilbert Problems. Applications to Integrable Models in Mathematical Physics
Percy Alec Deift

2:00 PM, Monday, July 22
IP2 Continuous Process Scheduling: Where Theory Meets Practice
Alok Aggarwal

2:00 PM, Tuesday, July 23
IP3 The Birth of the Infinite Cluster: Finite-Size Scaling in Percolation
Jennifer T. Chayes

11:30 AM, Wednesday, July 24
IP4 Integrable Systems-Theory and Applications
Anthony M. Bloch

2:00 PM, Wednesday, July 24
IP5 Catalytic Pattern Formation on Microdesigned Surfaces
Yannis G. Kevrekidis

11:30 AM, Thursday, July 25
IP6 Inverse Problems: Formulas for Finding Properties of Vibrating Systems from Nodal Lines and Surfaces
Joyce R. McLaughlin

2:00 PM, Thursday, July 25
IP7 Stabilizing Time-varying State and Output Feedback
Jean-Michel Coron

11:00 AM, Friday, July 26
IP8 Mathematical Challenges in Ocean Modeling
Darryl D. Holm

11:45 AM, Friday, July 26
IP9 Why Is It So Hard to Program Parallel Computers?
Cleve B. Moler

2:00 PM, Friday, July 26
IP10 Multifractality:Physical Evidence and Mathematical Background
Yakov Pesin

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