Wednesday, July 24
2:00 PM

Catalytic Pattern Formation on Microdesigned Surfaces

Spatiotemporal pattern formation in experiments and in their partial differential equation models is an interdisciplinary research subject of intense interest. In this presentation, the speaker will address catalytic pattern formation on microdesigned catalyst surfaces, constructed using microelectronics fabrication techniques. In particular, he will study the effects that complexities in the geometric shape and size of the catalytic domains have on the spatiotemporal dynamics. The speaker will also present studies of patterns on heterogeneous composite surfaces, with heterogeneities at the micrometer scale, where surface diffusion can couple the different "grains" of the composite. A number of computational studies will be presented, which were performed in coordination with experiments at the Fritz-Haber-Institut in Berlin.

Yannis G. Kevrekidis
Department of Chemical Engineering and Program in Applied and Computational Mathematics
Princeton University

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