CAD/CAM Workshop

This workshop addresses the mathematical aspects of features in computer-aided design, engineering, and manufacturing. It will bring together researchers, developers and users of "features" from industry, academia, and government laboratories .

The application of mathematics in computer-aided design has already demonstrated the requirement for greater utilization of geometric information in manufacturing processes. This workshop seeks to forge a closer link between people who design, manufacture and use products, and the researchers who provide the mathematical concepts and computational tools. A central topic of the workshop will be mathematical models that abstract how people view a design, a manufacturing process or the functional uses of a manufactured product. One of the biggest challenges continues to be the lack of a solid mathematical foundation for defining, exploring and utilizing processes and concepts that embody features. This workshop seeks to improve the understanding of the concept and use of features by discussing mathematical terms, principles and directions.


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Workshop Site

The workshop will be held at the Somerset Inn, Troy, Michigan. The Somerset Inn is conveniently located near I-75 and adjacent to an upscale shopping mall that includes Nieman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue and several restaurants. Birmingham, located three miles away, offers an eclectic mix of shops, art galleries, restaurants and coffee houses in a comfortable small city atmosphere.

Organizing Committee

Each member of the organizing committee for the workshop has significant industrial experience or experience with a government agency interacting with industry.

Abdelkader Belhi
Rajit Gadh
David Ferguson
David Field, Chair
Michael Lachance
Jack (Louis) Nachman
Jivka Ovtcharova
Thomas J. Peters
William C. Regli
Mohsen Rezayat

Neuchatel University, Switzerland
University of Wisconsin, Madison
The Boeing Company
General Motors Corp.
University of Michigan, Dearborn
Oakland University
Tecmath, Germany
University of Connecticut
Drexel University
Structural Dynamics Research Corp.

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October 7, 1998
October 7, 1998
October 7, 1998