Monday, June 1

Theoretical, Numerical, and Experimental Aspects of Nonlinear, Dispersive Wave Propagation (Part I of III)

10:15 AM-12:15 PM
Room 244

This session is concerned with nonlinear wave propagation in the presence of dispersion and dissipation. The session will emphasize problems arising in describing water waves in laboratory and field situations. Both surface waves and internal waves will be considered. Some of the presentations will be concerned with approximate models and others will deal with the full equations of motion within continuum theory. Of particular note are new theory and numerical methods for the full surface water-wave problem, a study of a new version of the classical Boussinesq model system for the two-way propagation of water waves in a channel, new stability theory for solitary waves, and some interesting simulations of solitary-wave interaction and bore interaction. The session will feature presentations about theoretical work, numerical analysis, implementation of numerical schemes and the use of these schemes to better understand the models, reports on laboratory experiments and comparisons of model predictions with real-world data. The subject is important both as a fundamental area of fluid mechanics and for its applications in oceanography, meteorology, astrophysics and other areas of science and engineering.

For Part II, see CM10. For Part III, see CM13.

Organizers: Min Chen
Pennsylvania State University
Jerry L. Bona
University of Texas, Austin
10:15 Stability of Traveling-Wave Solutions to Model Systems for Internal Waves
John Albert, University of Oklahoma; and Felipe Linares, IMPA, Brasil
10:45 Solitary-Wave Solutions of a Nonlinearly Dispersive Hamiltonian System
Yi Li, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis
11:15 Moved to CM10
Keith Promislow, Simon Fraser University, Canada
11:15 Well Known Equations and Not Well Known Behavior of Solutions
Laihan Luo, Arizona State University
11:45 Wellposedness in Sobolev Spaces of the Full Water Wave Problem
Sijue Wu, University of Iowa

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MMD, 5/11/98