Thursday, June 4

Theoretical, Numerical and Experimental Aspects of Nonlinear, Dispersive Wave Propagation (Part II of III)

10:15 AM-12:15 PM
Room 244

For description, see Part I, CM1. Also see Part III, CM13.

Organizers: Min Chen
Pennsylvania State University
Jerry L. Bona
University of Texas, Austin

10:15 Chaotic Evolution of the Benjamin-Feir Instability?
Joseph Hammack and Diane M. Henderson, Pennsylvania State University
10:45 Primary Results on Simulation of a New Kind Traveling Wave of Permanent Form
Min Chen, Organizer
11:15 Structural Stability of Non-Ground State Traveling Waves of Coupled NLS Systems
Keith Promislow, Simon Fraser University, Canada
11:45 Title and speaker to be announced
10:45 New Kinds of Water Waves in Weakly Nonlinear Models
Robert L. Pego, University of Maryland, College Park
11:15 Study of the Korteweg-de Vries Equation from Control Point of View
Bing Yu Zhang, University of Cincinnati

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MMD, 4/1/98