Tuesday, July 15

3:15 PM-5:15 PM
Chair: I. G. Rosen, University of Southern California
Building 300, Room 300

Control and Applications II

3:15 Applications of Proper-Orthogonal-Decompostion in Simulating and Controlling Chemical-Vapor-Depostion Reactors
Hung V. Ly and Hien T. Tran, North Carolina State Univeristy
3:30 Suppression of Vibration in a Nonlinear Axially Moving String by the Boundary Control
Shahram M. Shahruz, University of California, Berkeley
3:45 Optimal Boundary of Vibrating Structures of 2-Dimensional General Shapes
Ibrahim S. Sadek, University of North Carolina, Wilmington; Sarp Adali, University of Natal, Republic of South Africa; John C. Bruch, Jr. and James M. Sloss, University of Califorina, Santa Barbara
4:00 On the Infinite-Horizon LQR Problem for Acoustic-Structure System
Fariba Fahroo, Naval Postgraduate School; and Chunming Wang, University of Southern California
4:15 Optimal Control of a Hyperbolic Equation in Two Space Dimensions via a Maximum Principle
I. S. Sadek, University of North Carolina, Wilmington; J. M. Sloss, University of California, Santa Barbara; S. Adali, University of Natal, Republic of South Africa; and J. C. Bruch, Jr., University of California, Santa Barbara
4:30 Bifurcation Control via State Feedback
Wei Kang, Naval Postgraduate School
4:45 Model Reference Adaptive Control of Hereditary Systems
I. G. Rosen and Michael Busson, University of Southern California
5:00 Least Squares Finite Element Methods for Optimal Control Problems
Dana M. Bedivan and G. J. Fix, University of Texas, Arlington

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