AN97 Program Updates

This file includes a running list of any changes or cancellations made to this electronic preliminary program. Updates will be added as they become available.

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Last Updated: MMD, 7/9/97

4/17/97CP31/Friday, July 18 Khalid Kassara Cancelled
4/23/97 CP7/Tuesday, July 15 William L. Anderson Cancelled
CP27/Friday, July 18 William L. Anderson Cancelled
CP10/Monday, July 14 Tudor Ratiu Cancelled
MS58/Thursday, July 17 Keith Miller Replaces John Mackenzie
MS10/Monday, July 14 Ed Stredulinsky Cancelled
4/28/97 MS78/Friday, July 18/11:00 AM Daniel Phillips Replaces Qiang Du
4/30/97 Education Panel/Thursday, July 17/5:45 PM Cleve Moler Replaces Richard Allen
CP21/Thursday, July 17/11:45 AM Tim MarchantCancelled
CP16/Wednesday, July 16/5:00 Fabio Di Benedetto Moved to CP23
CP30/Friday, July 18/4:30 PM Bagisa Mukherjee Added
CP24/Thursday, July 17/4:15 P. W. Davis Added
CP6/Monday, July 14/5:30 PM Vianey Villamizar Added
CP11/Tuesday, July 15/5:00 PM Donald W. Schwendeman Added
CP9/Tuesday, July 15/12:15 Erik Verriest Added
Poster/July 14, 15, and 16 Wilfried N. Gansterer Added
Poster/July 14, 15, and 16 Antonina Fedorova Added
CP9/Tuesday, July 15/12:30 Mikhail Postan Added
5/7/97 CP18/Wednesday, July 16/3:30 PM Oliver Ernst Cancelled
CP20/Thursday, July 17 Mary Jarratt Smith Cancelled
5/8/97 MS54/Wednesday, July 16/4:45 PM Sigitas Keras Added
CP3/Monday, July 14/11:45 AM Antonio Almeida Cancelled
5/15/97 CP17/Wednesday, July 16/5:45 PM
Poster Session
M. A. Alexandrov Cancelled
CP1/Monday, July 14/12:00 PM Yoshimasa Nakamura Cancelled
MS33/Tuesday, July 15/4:45 PM Jinchao Xu Cancelled
5/29/97 MS90/Friday, July 18 H-J. Zimmerman and E. Ruspini Cancelled
MS90/Friday, July 18 Hua Li Added
MS89/Friday, July 18 Session speakers Added
MS83/Friday, July 18/4:15 PM V. Liseikin Replaced by Ralph Noack
5/30/97 Poster/July 14, 15, and 16 John Boyd Cancelled
6/6/97 CP7/July 15/10:45 AM Jorg Peters Cancelled
CP9/Tuesday, July 15/11:30 AM Pierre A. Gremaud Cancelled
MS75/Friday, July 18/12:30 PM Vladik Kreinovich Added
6/10/97 MS90/Friday, July 18/3:45 PM Michael Lee Added
6/11/97 CP31/Friday, July 18/5:00 & 5:15 PM Zhilin Li Cancelled
6/24/97 MS34/Tuesday, July 15 4:45 PM S. Guarini Added
MS11/Monday, July 14/3:45 PM George Cybenko Replaced by Mike Stewart
MS41/Wednesday, July 16/11:30 AM Jack J. Yoh Is now the speaker
CP19/Thursday, July 17/12:45 PM D. V. Vorobiev Cancelled
MS79/Friday, July 18/11:30 AM John Melton Speaker is now Marsha Berger
MS90/Friday, July 18/4:15 PM Hua Li Cancelled
6/27/97 CP11/Tuesday, July 15/3:15 PM Tobin Driscoll Cancelled
MS68/Thursday, July 17/3:45 PM Sifen Zhong Cancelled
MS9/Monday, July 14 Carroll Wilde Added as 5 minute presenter
MS19/Tuesday, July 15/11:00 AM Z. Bai Replaced by David Day
7/1/97 CP9/Tuesday, July 15/10:45 AM Amit Harel Cancelled
7/1/97 MS18/July 14/3:45 PM Janet Rogers Speaker is now Paul Boggs
7/3/97 MS59/Thursday, July 17 K. McKinnon Cancelled
MS42/Wednesday, July 16/11:00 PM Miloud Sadkane Cancelled
CP27/Friday, July 18/12:15 PM Terry Kelly Cancelled
CP20/Thursday, July 17/12:15 PM John Molyneux Cancelled
CP30/Friday, July 18/5:00 PM Mario Pitteri Cancelled
MS52/Wednesday, July 16/3:15 PM Neil Carlson Cancelled
MS52/Wednesday, July 16/3:45 PM W. Huang Cancelled
MS83/Friday, July 18/4:45 PM J. Su Cancelled

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