Wednesday, July 16

10:30 AM-12:30 PM
(This session will run until 12:45 PM)
Chair: Gilbert Strang, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Building 260, Room 113

Least Squares and Singular Value Decomposition

10:30 Efficient Solution of the Layered Least-Squares Problem
John R. Gilbert, Xerox PARC; Patricia D. Hough, Sandia National Laboratories, Livermore; and Stephen A. Vavasis, Cornell University
10:45 Fitting Quadrics to Data by Total Least-Squares
Yves Nievergelt, Eastern Washington University
11:00 Mathematics for GPS
Gilbert Strang, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
11:15 Deconvolution Subject to Piecewise Monotonicity Constraint
Jian Lu, Apple Computer
11:30 Exploiting Structure in a Projective Algorithm for Solving Strict Linear Matrix Inequalities
Yuzhen Ge, Butler University; Layne T. Watson, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University; and Emmanuel G. Collins, Jr., Florida A&M University and Florida State University
11:45 Tracking the Conditioning for Fast Recursive Least Squares Lattice Adaptive Filter Algorithms
James R. Bunch, University of California, San Diego; Richard C. LeBorne, University of Tennessee, Chattanooga; and Ian K. Proudler, Defense Research Agency, United Kingdom
12:00 More Accurate Bidiagonal Reduction for Computing the Singular Value Decomposition
Jesse L. Barlow, Pennsylvania State University
12:15 Verification Algorithms for Generalized Singular Values
G. Alefeld, Universität Karlsruhe, Germany; and G. Mayer, Universität Rostock, Germany
12:30 Accurate and Fast Algorithms for PSVD and GSVD
Zlatko Drmac, University of Colorado, Boulder

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