Wednesday, July 16

3:15 PM-5:15 PM
Chair: Alan Genz, Washington State University
Tresidder Union, Cypress Room

Algorithms for Discrete and Statistical Problems

3:15 Applications of a Semi-Discrete Matrix Approximation
Tamara G. Kolda, University of Maryland, College Park
3:30 Partitioning Problems and Partition Polytopes
Uri Rothblum, Technion-Israel Institute of Technology, Israel
3:45 A Decomposition Genetic Algorithm for the Reserve Site Selection Problem
Jeffery L. Arthur and Darek J. Nalle, Oregon State University
4:00 Simple Genetic Algorithms Over k-Bounded Context-Free Languages
Andreas Geyer-Schulz, Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration, Austria
4:15 An Extension of the Bradley-Terry Model for Incomplete Tournaments without Strong Connectedness
Gregory R. Conner and Christopher P. Grant, Brigham Young University
4:30 A Parallel Nonlinear Fibonacci Pseudorandom Number Generator
Michael Mascagni, University of Southern Mississippi
4:45 A Parallel Stochastic Algorithm for the Numerical Computation of High Dimensional Integrals over Infinite Integration Regions
Alan Genz, Washington State University; Elise de Doncker and Ajay Gupta, Western Michigan University
5:00 Rank Analysis for Reliability Modelling
Chen-Cheng W. Yu, Seagate Technology, Oklahoma City

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