Friday, July 18

3:15 PM-5:15 PM
Chair: Yi-Ling F. Chiang, ACCUTEK
Law School, Room 180

Computational Fluid Dynamics III

3:15 A Two-Dimensional Model of the Fluid Dynamics of an Air Reverser
Sinan Müftü, Massachusetts Institute of Technology; Timothy S. Lewis and Kevin A. Cole, Eastman Kodak Company
3:30 A Multidisciplinary Ramjet Missile Simulation
Mel Human, North Carolina A&T State University
3:45 Cross-Flow, Tensors and Finite Volume Approximation with Deferred Correction
Michael G. Edwards, Stanford University
4:00 Industrial Mixing Applications of a 3D Fictitious Domain Method
Philippe A. Tanguy and Francois Bertrand, Ecole Polytechnique, Canada
4:15 A New Boundary Element Method for Axisymmetric Internal Potential Flow
Alexander Gokhman, Fluid & Power Research Institute, San Francisco; and Dmitry Gokhman, University of Texas, San Antonio
4:30 Computation of the Axisymmetric Orr Stability Constant in an Infinite Pipe
Gerardo A. Ache, Universidad Central de Venezuela, Venezuela
4:45 A Parametric Scheme for Burger's Equation
Yi-Ling F. Chiang, ACCUTEK, Morgantown, West Virginia

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