Monday, July 14

3:15 PM-5:15 PM
Chair: Sharon Lubkin, University of Washington
Tresidder Union, Cypress Room

Mathematical and Computational Methods in Biology II

3:15 Iterative Methods for Elastic Alignment with Applications to Medical Imaging
Bernd Fischer, Medical University of Lübeck, Germany
3:30 Contractile Interpenetrating Flow Models of Tissue Deformation
Sharon Lubkin, University of Washington
3:45 Traveling Fronts in a Biodegradation Model
R. Murray and J. X. Xin, University of Arizona
4:00 Segregation and Mixing in Population Dynamics
Thomas P. Witelski, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
4:15 Positive Payoff in a Parabolic Predator-Prey Model
K. Renee Fister, Murray State University
4:30 Integral Representations of the Period for a Lotka-Volterra System
Shagi-Di Shih, University of Wyoming
4:45 Computational Aspects of Desynchronisation in Pulse Coupled Integrate and Fire Neurons
Gabriel J. Lord, University of Bristol, United Kingdom; and Steve Coombes, Loughborough University, United Kingdom
5:00 The Experimental - Computer Technology for Biological Process Simulation
Efim Karpovsky, Yu. I. Bazhora, V. I. Kresyun, and V. N. Zaporozhan, Odessa State Medical University, Ukraine

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