Tuesday, July 15

10:30 AM-12:30 PM
Chair: I. Norman Katz, Washington University
Law School, Room 180

Control and Applications I

10:30 Numerical Solution of the HJI PDE and Its Use in the Aeroplane Orbit Problem
Jerry Markman and I. Norman Katz, Washington University
(Cancelled) 10:45 Non-linear H infty Control with State-Space Constraints
Amit Harel and I. Norman Katz, Washington University
11:00 Unique Solutions in Radar Shape-From-Shading Hamilton-Jacobi Equations
Dan Ostrov, Santa Clara University
11:15 Lagrange Manifold Representation of Viscosity Solutions to Hamilton-Jacobi Equations
Martin V. Day, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
(Cancelled )11:30 Numerical Experiments Around the Concept of Viscosity Solution
Pierre A. Gremaud, North Carolina State University
11:45 Unconventional Reflexive Numerical Method for Matrix Differential Riccati Equations
Ren-Cang Li, University of Kentucky
12:00 Design of Gain-Scheduled PI-Type Compensators for Linear Parameter-Varying Systems
Shahram M. Shahruz, University of California, Berkeley
12:15 Identification of Multi-Mode and Hidden Markov Models
Erik I. Verriest, Georgia Institute of Technology
12:30 On a Modeling Scheme for Multinomenclature Inventory Control System Under Continuous Production
Mikhail Postan, Nikolai Merkulov, and Lyudmila Shiryaeva, Odessa State Maritime University, Ukraine

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