Wednesday, July 16

8:30 AM-9:15 AM
Chair: Rosemary E. Chang, Silicon Graphics Computer Systems
Kresge Auditorium

Multiresolution Algorithms in Computer Graphics

Computational techniques based on wavelets and more generally multiresolution approaches have made tremendous inroads into computer graphics applications. Examples include illumination computations, hierarchical mesh editing, geometric modeling, and 3D scanning. This development is motivated by the twin challenges of computer graphics: complexity and interactivity. In order to generate realistic images of objects and creatures with realistic motion, accurate simulations need to be performed for ever more complicated geometry. At the same time fast updates are necessary for interactive environments. Multiresolution as a general tool provides representations and algorithms which scale well to large problem sizes, are very general and robust, and have modest storage costs.

The speaker will give an overview of these applications and algorithms and discuss some of the issues that arise when attempting to take classical constructions into the messiness of real applications.

Peter Schröder
Multi-Res Modeling Group, California Institute of Technology

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