Monday, July 14

3:15 PM-5:15 PM
Law School, Room 190

Noisy Dynamics: Analysis and Applications

This minisymposium will address several questions in stochastic modeling and analysis of noisy dynamical systems. The speakers will present analytical and computational methods for noisy dynamics. In particular, partial differential equations arising in stochastic models with small noise will be discussed. These equations describe statistical quantities such as probability densities and exit times for neuron models, chemical kinetics, and wave propagation in the earth as a random medium. One theme of this minisymposium is that the small random fluctuations in these systems require delicate asymptotic and numerical treatments.

Organizers: Malgorzata M. Klosek, University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee; and Rachel Kuske, Tufts University

3:15 Stochastic Calculus: Application to Dynamic Bifurcations and Neuron Dynamics
G. D. Lythe, Universite Libre de Bruxelles, Belgium; and K. M. Jansons, University College London, United Kingdom
3:45 Probability Densities for Noisy Delay Bifurcations
Rachel Kuske, Organizer
4:15 Magnetotelluric Probing
Werner Kohler, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University; Benjamin White and Leonard Srnka, Exxon Exploration Corporation
4:45 Boundary Effects in Nonlinear Dynamics Driven by Reflected Diffusion
Malgorzata M. Klosek, Organizer

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