Monday, July 14

3:15 PM-5:15 PM
Law School, Room 290

Handbooks for Special Functions and the World Wide Web

(Sponsored by SIAM Activity Group on Orthogonal Polynomials and Special Functions)

The principal handbooks on special functions, the "Bateman Project" and the NIST "Handbook of Mathematical Functions," are among the most useful, widely consulted technical volumes ever published, but they are now out of date, due to rapid research progress and revolutionary changes in technology. The minisymposium will feature talks by representatives of the groups that are proposing to update the Bateman Project and Abramowitz & Stegun, respectively, and a talk with a critique of those CD-ROM and WWW handbook projects that are already available. It will conclude with a general discussion concerning the appropriate format and structure for handbook projects, and funding possibilities.

Organizers: Richard A. Askey, University of Wisconsin, Madison; and Willard Miller, Jr., University of Minnesota, Minneapolis

3:15 Toward a Revised NBS Handbook on Mathematical Functions
Daniel W. Lozier, National Institute of Standards and Technology
3:45 The Askey-Bateman Project
Mourad E. H. Ismail, University of South Florida
4:15 Handbooks of Special Functions Through the Decades
Richard A. Askey, Organizer
4:45 Title and speaker to be announced

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